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How to Make Your Hotel Wi-Fi Package Attractive with IT Support on Long Island

The service industry has certainly transformed in the last few decades. Customer expectations have changed, and businesses that don’t adapt risk losing out on a significant chunk of the market. The internet has played a huge role in this progression. For the hotel and hospitality industries in particular, great Wi-Fi has become a must for convenience, connectivity, and general entertainment. Not having Wi-Fi at all is often seen as a deal-breaker, so it’s definitely an investment worth making. With IT support on Long Island, you can find a package that meets your requirements and fits your customer base.

What Customers Expect from Hotel Wi-Fi

Today’s traveler knows what they want and how to find it. They can use the internet to find just about anything, and for most, it is the go-to option compared with asking hotel staff, for example. You may have seen them all— business people, holiday travelers, millennials, and others. You need to know what they expect from your hotel Wi-Fi and determine how to best meet that need. Long Island IT services providers can help you figure all this out.

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Here are just a few of the elements of a hotel Wi-Fi connection that many of today’s guests prioritize:

  • Fast, secure, and strong connection – Sometimes, having a slow Wi-Fi connection is worse than not having a connection at all. If you’re going to have Wi-Fi, your guests expect it to work. This means it should be fast, strong, reliable, and constant. People want to stream video, have quick access to information, and possibly download important files.
  • Free Wi-Fi – Another very important factor is the cost of the connection. It has become more and more expected for hotel Wi-Fi to be free at least up to a certain post. You can discuss the various options with IT support on Long Island.
  • Wi-Fi enabled services – Customers also look for various Wi-Fi enabled services. These can include the hotel app and entertainment options like video streaming sites and newspaper subscriptions online.
  • Easy to use and navigate – Another factor of the whole hotel experience is how easy your services are to use. Guests prefer not to have to hunt for information and passwords for them to hop on to the Wi-Fi.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your hotel or business Wi-Fi connection. It can make a significant impact on your customer’s experience with your services. Get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions— we offer personalized IT support on Long Island, among other IT services.

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