June 17

Make Backing Up Data Easier with IT Consulting in Long Island

Are you aware thousands of hard drives crash every week in America? That means a business can lose 100 percent of its data if it doesn’t do regular data backups. Here’s how hiring an IT consulting company in Long Island to handle your backups saves you time and money.

Investing in Digital Storage Hardware

A simple option for making data backups is to use external hard drives, making it easy to retrieve files when you need them. These devices include USB Flash Drives for portable convenience and network storage drives for stationary systems.

Setting up and configuring a local computer network takes more time and expertise, which is why it’s helpful to consult with IT support experts in Long Island.

Make Regular Backups of Your Data

An IT consulting company in Long Island can ensure copies are always available of your most recent critical files and applications. That way, you don’t need to comply with cybercriminals if your system is ever breached with a ransomware attack.

There are different ways to back up data depending on your hardware and software systems. Microsoft Windows users simply need to click the Start button then follow this path:

Control Panel > System Maintenance > Backup and Restore

This option requires doing a mass backup rather than for individual files. For Mac OS users, backups are made in Time Machine through this path:

Select Backup Disk > Choose External Drive > Use Disk

Time Machine will then make automated backups if the drive remains plugged in.

Store Data Offsite

It’s important to store your backups in at least one offsite location to avoid damage that might occur onsite from a natural disaster. Many businesses choose cloud-based data centers for this option.


It’s advantageous for any business to invest in both IT consulting in Long Island and strategic data storage solutions. Protecting and backing up your data can prevent your business from collapsing overnight due to a cybersecurity breach. The challenge moving forward for all businesses is to prepare for data disasters so that they don’t become too costly. At Total Technology Solutions, we can help you secure your data with our data backup services. Contact us now for more information.

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