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Maintaining Client Trust Through Managed IT Services in Long Island

Managed IT services in Long Island can be integral in ensuring that client data is not ever lost or compromised. Whenever you have large volumes of client information, you have to be careful to ensure it is properly safeguarded. If you do not safeguard their information, should your business be compromised, theirs may be as well by proxy. This could result in a lost client, or worse. If they experience enough difficulty from something that they blame on your operation, they may go public about it, and it could reduce your chances of getting other clients in the future. So, protecting your data, and client data, which is a part of it, is integral for a number of reasons even beyond the client’s direct trust. Accordingly, when you establish a business continuity plan, you are not only protecting your assets, but you are protecting those of the demographic whom you serve as well, which is equally important. To that end, several aspects of a good business continuity plan include:

  • Backup Solutions
  • Recovery Within a Specific Time-Frame
  • Continuous Monitoring and Support

Backup Solutions

Your business continuity plan should include backups that are redundantly verified. That is to say, you have backups on-site, on the cloud, and backups that are remotely located. Certainly, not all of these are affordable for all businesses at all times. However, you can manage at least two. An on-site backup and a cloud backup are recommendable, with a third off-site solution being considered in the event of proper affordability.

Recovery within a Specific Time Frame

Having a mirrored cloud network can allow you to continue operations even in the wake of a system crash. However, operating such a secondary system usually is not entirely free of complications. You want RPO and RTO objectives in the contract of whichever managed IT services in Long Island your company secures. Recovery Time Objective refers to the total time necessary for your systems to recover. Recovery Point Objective refers to the time necessary for a single application to be recovered. Discuss these things with whichever MSP you plan to work with in order to ensure your business continuity plan is highly effective.

Continuous Monitoring and Support

You are looking for an MSP solution that will always monitor your systems. This is an “around-the-clock” kind of job, and it is often something that can be accomplished with varying technological fixes in conjunction with directed monitoring solutions. When your systems are monitored around the clock, anomalies can be detected more expediently, allowing you to evade unnecessary downtime due to a hacker breaking in or a virus changing your files around. Additionally, you want support that is continuously available because sometimes hackers are savvy enough to fool monitoring protocols. Lastly, in terms of monitoring and support, the right MSP will have patching solutions and software update protocols to ensure your system is always secure.

Business Continuity Providers

Managed IT services in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you attain proper backups. We offer reasonable RTO and RPO objectives and provide update/patch solutions. We monitor your systems continuously and find anomalous behavior to help prevent crashes. Contact us for top-tier and cutting-edge solutions in technological security.

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