December 5

Loss of Data and Other Disasters Can Be Thwarted Through IT Consulting in Long Island

IT consulting in Long Island can be necessary in helping you realize that which you must watch out for in terms of data security. As the old saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. Well, there are certain things many businesses get right, and many get wrong. In this article, we’ll briefly cover several key areas of data management you need to have locked down for basic security.

IT support firms in Long Island commonly provide data management, protection, and recovery solutions for a diversity of clients. This can be more complicated than many realize owing to the “moving target” nature of technology: it’s always transitioning. Key areas you need to have best practices and strategies built around as a means of anticipating such tech shifts include:

Data Loss Prevention Strategies

IT consulting in Long Island can help you incorporate the best data loss prevention strategies. These will include backing up data as regularly as possible, monitoring mobile operational infrastructure, incorporating MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), and other similar techniques. Data can be stolen, corrupted, and lost. Proper management comprehensively reduces such risks.

Comprehensively Appropriate Encryption

Data coming and going needs to be encrypted. Essentially, encryption converts data into code which requires a key to unlock. Encryption is a layer of protection, but it’s not the be-all and end-all, as technology becomes more powerful with each passing year, and so old encryptions become steadily less effective. You’ve got to keep encryptions contemporary.

Worst Case Scenario Options: Disaster Recovery

IT support firms in Long Island also advise businesses to plan for the worst-case scenario. Sometimes your system will crash, and without disaster recovery strategies, you won’t be able to recover. Have at least three different backups, at least two of which are on separate media, and one of which is located off-site.

Effectively Protecting Operational Data

IT consulting in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you determine which data management and protection strategies are best for your business. Planning for disaster recovery, properly encrypting data, and incorporating best practices as pertains to prevention strategies represent key tactics in protecting your data. Contact us for more information.

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