May 17

A Look at Malware Concealed as Useful, and How Our Cyber Security Team Can Help

Those who are familiar with the nuances of cyber security are aware that malware has advanced to the point that it disguises itself as a useful program. However, if you are like most people, your focus is on your work rather than attempting to understand the nuances of technology. Fret not, as our cyber security experts are here to help.

Malware Basics

Malicious software that is unintentionally downloaded and compromises a computer is considered malware. This is a catch-all term for every type of malicious software from spyware to viruses, Trojan horses, ransomware, and beyond. If malware is on a computer, it opens a door for hackers to steal highly sensitive personal information and sell it. It is even possible the malware will empower cyber miscreants to prevent you from accessing your system, forcing you to pay a ransom to obtain access to your own files. Our cyber security specialists are here to help you prevent such an outcome.

The Distribution of Malware

Cyber thieves rely on several methods to trick targets into installing deceptive malware. Pop-up ads are particularly popular, appearing on the screen when scrolling through a webpage, stating there is a virus and anti-virus software is necessary. However, many such pop-up ads are actually malware.

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Email links are also a popular means of transmitting malware. If an employee clicks a link within an email or opens an email attachment, the door is open for the transmission of malware. In general, it is not smart to click an email message from someone you do not know. If the message is poorly-worded, has misspellings or phrases that encourage immediate action, there is a good chance it is malware.

Malware is also distributed through software downloads. Do not download software that allegedly improves the performance of your computer as it just might be malware in disguise. When in doubt, lean on our cyber security team to help improve the efficiency of your system. We even provide ongoing education and training pertaining to cyber security prevention.

Malware Prevention

When in doubt, lean on our team of experts to help prevent the spread of malware. Our cyber security specialists are here to help your business avoid malware and other tech hurdles. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to find out more about our tech services and schedule an initial consultation.

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