January 14

Key Security Measures Cyber Security Experts on Long Island Can Help You Manage

Cyber Security Is Fundamental

Cyber security professionals on Long Island vehemently emphasize cyber security, and it’s easy to see why. Though a thousand reasons may be presented, consider this compelling bit of evidence: Cybercrime is expected to hit $6 trillion dollars in terms of economic impact as of 2021, while legal IT industries are on track for a $5.2 trillion impact in 2020. The two are essentially neck-and-neck.

Key Security Measures

If you’re going to safeguard yourself against an enemy that’s about the same size as public tech options, you’ll need to identify key areas of vulnerability and fortify against them. Several things you can do include the following:

  • Incorporate strong password management and policies
  • Assure operating systems are always up to date
  • Keep antivirus software updated and patched
  • Consider automatic screen locking protocols
  • Look into means of tracking equipment

Incorporate Strong Password Management and Policies

Cyber security experts in Long Island emphasize password protection protocols. Oftentimes, this is an easy entry for hackers. The DNC was hacked in 2016 owing to lax password protection protocols. This vulnerability exists from the smallest businesses to the largest government institutions. Don’t be a statistic, incorporate requisite password management and policies.

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Assure Operating Systems Are Always Up To Date

Old operating systems have old vulnerabilities that new upgrades overcome. Additionally, an old OS can’t interface with new software as well as an up-to-date OS can. Staying up-to-date helps you retain contemporary interface ability and avoid conquered vulnerabilities.

Keep Antivirus Software Updated and Patched

Cyber security experts can help you institute automated patch protocols which update antivirus software the moment new protections become available. You want the latest antivirus software for the same reason you want the latest OS solutions: vulnerability reduction and securing relevancy.

Consider Automatic Screen Locking Protocols

Especially as decentralization has pushed mobile web interface, automatic screen locking protocols have become very important. You want them on desktop user interface portals as well, but mobile devices often go overlooked even though they’re technically more vulnerable. You can’t just forget your desktop computer in the cafeteria, after all.

Look Into Means of Tracking Equipment

Cyber security experts recommend tracking mobile equipment like smartphones, laptops, or tablets. This can help you determine if a device is acting in an anomalous way. Sometimes a hacker is “pretending” to be one of your mobile devices. Tracking can reveal this. Also, it helps you more closely manage personnel.

Maximizing Cyber Security Effectiveness

Using cyber security services can be an essential part to strengthen your Long Island business’s security profile. Equipment tracking, automatic screen locks, up-to-date antivirus protocols, secure passwords, and updated operating systems are all key security tactics our IT specialists can help you with. Contact us now at Total Technology Solutions for more information.

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