August 29

IT Support Tips on Keeping Your Long Island Business Safe from Cyber Threats

IT support professionals always remind businesses in Long Island the reality that cybercrime isn’t “static”, cybercriminals find new ways of stealing data and compromising clients all the time.

What Your Business Can Do

IT consultants advise these best practices for businesses large and small as regards securing operations from cybercriminals:

Proper Training

Whoever has access to tech systems must be trained effectively, even if they’re just custodial staff accessing a tertiary system. The more in-depth the personnel, the more in-depth training should be.

Ensure Software is Updated

IT support professionals in Long Island strongly advise the continuous acquisition of the latest software. Automatic upgrades help. Because tech is in constant development, “static” software is increasingly vulnerable over time if security protections aren’t upgraded.

MFA and Outsourced Security

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) uses smartphones and other devices to verify a person’s identity. It’s like identity triangulation. Also, outsourcing security allows for a non-biased third-party perspective that can identify security “holes” you may not have realized were there.

Compartmentalized Data, Emergency Recovery Plans

Data should only be available on a need-to-know basis to the right personnel; this is compartmentalization. Even so, you need an emergency plan for when the worst-case scenario unexpectedly develops.

Compliance, Offsite Management, Data Archival, Threat Recognition

You need to use tech solutions that can help you facilitate end-to-end compliance. Also, you need a plan for remote workers. Finally, learn to recognize threats through proper MSP guidance, and be sure all your data is archived should the worst-case scenario develop anyway.

Establishing More Secure Overall Operations

We at Total Technology Solutions can help you know what threats to watch out for, archive data, retain off-site compliance, compartmentalize data, develop emergency plans outsource security, initiate representative MFA, keep software up-to-date, and assure personnel have necessary training. Contact our IT support team in Long Island to learn more.

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