November 9

IT Support Tips for Keeping Your Hybrid Working Model Safe and Secure in Long Island

The coronavirus pandemic has completely revolutionized the workplace. 82% of company leaders plan to adopt hybrid working models some time. Many employees are going to spend their work hours at home rather than the office. However, they do not have swift IT support in Long Island and are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The following are two common hybrid office security risks and how you can address them without straining your IT department.

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is a type of software used by hackers to encrypt or conceal files on a computer, making them useless until you make a ransom payment. Such attacks have become increasingly common with the development of e-commerce. Ransomware will sneak into your system due to poor security, misconfigured systems, and human error. How can you defend your updated work model against such cyber-attacks?

  • Promote employee security awareness – Human error is a major weak point in IT security; training your employees to be aware of online dangers is a great way to mitigate this risk. This training should include instructions for creating strong, unique passwords, backup and recovery procedures, and policies for remote workers who have to access company data.
  • Fortify your security protocols and configure your systems – This should include updating any out-of-date software, investing in powerful security programs and firewalls, and securing unprotected home networks. It helps to partner with an IT support provider in Long Island to take care of your cybersecurity needs.

Phishing Attacks

This kind of cyber-attack involves sending an email that, once opened, tricks you into revealing personal data like credit card numbers and login credentials. If such an attack on even a single employee is successful, hackers can use it to launch a larger attack on the company. To avoid this, instruct your employees to look for the following;

  • Spelling mistakes and bad grammar
  • Links, email addresses, and domain names that don’t match
  • Suspicious attachments.
  • Emails requesting sensitive data like login credentials or payment information

Keep Your Networks Safe

The hybrid working model is convenient, but you will need to invest in proper IT security services and employee security awareness training to keep your remote employees in Long Island secure. If you need IT support to assist your IT department in Long Island, contact us at Total Technology Solutions. We’re happy to help!

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