March 12

What Your IT Support Provider in Suffolk Should Be Telling You About Your Backups

A topic you need to bring up when working with a provider of IT support in Suffolk is whether your backups will be available when you need them to be in case of a downtime, especially an unexpected one. Of course, the answer should be yes— and that’s what you’ll get when you ask the question. But how exactly can they assure you that? Is there a way to know?
To ensure backups work when they need to, your provider and you should do rigorous testing. You should test if they automatically go up in case of a disaster, if they quickly restore lost data, if they shorten outages, and if they retain all information without loss of any kind.
When testing your backups, here are some things to look out for:

Backing Up the Right Files

A successful backup feedback just means the data has been backed up with no major problems. But is it the right data? To make sure you’re backing up the data you actually want, your provider should use a solution that backs up all or most files unless you choose not to. If there’s anything you want to exclude, you have to specifically choose those folders, ensuring that everything important is saved by default.

Having the Necessary Skills to Do a Proper Backup

Backing up files is not as simple as clicking on a button. That’s not how it is at all (though it would be great if it were).  Even user-friendly solutions can be confusing to navigate, especially when you don’t have much experience in data restoration. It’s best for an expert to handle it, such as a provider of IT support in Suffolk.

Knowing What to Test First

Start with some photos to see how good your backups are. Because photos are visual, it takes only a few glances or so to determine if there’s any loss in quality. Sometimes, it takes just one look! Text files are a different matter. You’ll have to at least skim through them to see if there’s anything missing. But if the initial test works fine, check a few random files to see if it still works just as well with other file formats.

Simulating Scenarios

Although it’s not quite feasible to test all possible cases, covering the most probable ones will help you prepare for emergencies. This, try out different scenarios and see how your backups behave in each one. Is there data loss? If yes, is it partial or full? Is it loss in terms of quality or quantity? Does it affect multiple files or a chunk of one? Both automatic and manual testing methods are beneficial in disaster preparedness.
For a reliable and trusted provider of IT support in Suffolk, we at Total Technology Solutions are happy to help. We offer a broad range of services— one of the broadest in the industry, in fact. One of our specialties is ensuring business continuity regardless of the emergency. Contact us today for more information on our services.

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