November 28

IT Support in Suffolk: Roaming User Management Solutions

Roaming Issues

IT support firms in Suffolk must increase their efforts in dealing with cases of unsecured roaming users unknowingly compromising a network. It usually looks something like this: your user is in a coffee shop that has a hacker in the apartment above. The hacker has a “free WiFi network” on it. If the employee logs onto that instead of the one made available and secured by the coffee shop, they unknowingly invite malware into their device. When they then access your network through their laptop, it transmits the malware to your network. Ultimately, this ends up infecting everything and can seriously compromise your operation in a myriad of ways— many of which are totally uncharted territories.

One way to help defray such compromising situations is to train remotely operating employees with regards to secure internet interaction while doing work offsite. A better way to combat this situation, though, is through cloud computing solutions and multi-layered verification.

Cloud Computing and Multi-Layer Verification

An IT support firm in Suffolk can provide the latest in technological solutions. One of the most effective today is cloud computing. In this section, we’ll take a quick look at DaaS, or Desktop as a Service. Basically, your cloud computing solution acts as the network interface end users interact with when performing their duties at your organization. The network, instead of being hosted internally, is hosted in the cloud. This allows the cloud provider to use the highest levels of available expert security to keep your network secure. Additionally, you can use newly pioneered means of system maintenance like multi-layer verification.

If you’re unfamiliar, a multi-layer verification method gets confirmation from different data points pertaining to the identity of someone requesting network access. Say someone comes onto your network portal from a “roaming” device, then they enter a username and password. The network will send a text message to that individual with a code they must enter to gain access. You can add a third layer of protection via email, social media or whatever else is convenient. The idea is to decrease unauthorized access through more robust security.

Why Is Cloud Computing More Secure?

Whether for roaming or regular operational purposes, cloud computing will more often than not more secure than your internal security. Cloud computing can bring proactive security monitoring solutions to the table that are to some degree automated. Proactively monitoring your on-site server array internally requires enough personnel to work around the clock, which you likely won’t be able to source for less than $100k a year. Outsourced IT through the cloud gives you proactive monitoring and support for a fraction of that expense while simultaneously granting you access to greater processing power and more reliable backup and data recovery (BDR), as well as roaming security solutions.

Save Money, Increase Security

IT support in Suffolk through Total Technology Solutions can help you cost-effectively and securely manage your roaming users while simultaneously providing you access to a suite of cutting-edge technologies. Cloud computing is a primary force behind these advantages and it isn’t the only thing offered by our organization. Contact us to know more how we can help you.

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