January 25

How IT Support providers in Long Island Can Help You Avoid Complicated Phishing Scams

IT support providers in Long Island remain prescient. Here’s the situation: there are always new security threats and that trend isn’t going to change because technology is always advancing. What was once an ironclad protection soon becomes exploited by varying levels of cyber attacks until it is again a point of vulnerability. It’s a cyclical thing, and there is no vacuum of operations which can avoid this reality. In fact, an organization that doesn’t regularly update its security parameters is more apt to be hacked in one way or another through phishing, a DDoS attack, some Trojan malware, spyware, adware, or social engineering. The most sophisticated hacking comes from cybercriminals who use combined techniques like a digital crowbar to upend the manhole of your cybersecurity. This can clog up your system’s digital plumbing.
The most recent casualty is encrypted “HTTPS” websites. This started cropping up recently. URLs used to start with HTTP almost exclusively. As sites became hacked and dummy sites were put up in order to act as fronts for cybercriminal enterprise, it became apparent that an encrypted solution was necessary. So, HTTPS came along. The “S” at the end indicates that a site has been encrypted for user security. Now, phishing scams have simply encrypted their dummy sites, so they appear with an HTTPS designation at the beginning. Sure, they’re encrypted, but the users operating them are doing so in bad faith and still phishing as much as they can.

Strategic Protection Solutions

An IT support provider in Long Island can help you avoid being taken in by such scams through providing educational materials to your business pertaining to cybercrime trends. Additionally, such support solutions can help apply the latest security solutions to your business so that you can always be on the cutting edge of security. Technology transitions such that you’re going to need new systems at five-year intervals, and that’s if you managed to “milk” your legacy systems as much as possible. Older systems exist and are in operation today, but for many businesses, this isn’t viable because it slows down regular operations and reduces competitive ability.
As you get new systems, they’re naturally going to come with new vulnerabilities. It’s just part of the business. You’re always going to need to change the oil in your car and you’re always going to need to update security. To combat phishing scams, which use encryption to shroud their underhanded activity, the right tech organization will institute policies like:

  • Periodic best practices advisement
  • Automatic patching and security updates
  • Continuous monitoring and support

When you’ve got advisories pertaining to the best operational practices supported by automatic updates, you’re likely to have a more secure network. That’s definitely advisable in a world where the cybercrime enterprise will soon be between 25% and 33% of the current US GDP.

Safeguarding Operations

IT support in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you avoid common areas of incursion even as they develop in waves of cybercrime trends. Contact us for the latest protection solutions. If you want your systems to be secure, you’re going to need the latest cybersecurity.

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