April 23

How an IT Support Provider in Long Island Can Help Your Business Use Recovery Metrics

The use of disaster recovery metrics provided by an IT support provider in Long Island plays a prominent role in minimizing downtime for businesses of all sizes. These metrics can measure the effectiveness of recovery efforts and help an IT provider create a highly reliable program for any company that needs data recovery. Here are the three primary ways an IT provider can measure the effectiveness of their disaster recovery program:

1. Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

The RTO measures how fast the IT infrastructure must be recovered before a company experiences permanent loss. This recovery time is usually measured in either minutes, hours, or days. Of course, the length of the recovery time relies primarily on location and resource allocation. For example, it can take a considerable amount of time for an IT provider to recover the IT system if nothing or very little is set up beforehand. However, RTO can be accomplished in a matter of minutes if everything is already set up and ready to go. Determining the number of dedicated resources beforehand plays a vital role in the RTO for a business.

2. Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

The RPO focuses on the highest quantity of information that can be destroyed due to any disasters. However, an IT support provider in Long Island can help your business create a backup strategy that minimizes the chance of losing any data permanently. Every company has different RPO goals, and it is important to find a balance between the cost of losing any data and the costs of backing up data on a frequent basis. A managed service provider (MSP) will help find the perfect balance that best meets the needs of your company.

3. Recovery Time Actual (RTA)

The RTA is the specific amount of time it takes to recover the IT infrastructure from any type of a disaster. Emergency drills are a great way to measure RTA and can help your business determine if you need to make any additional changes to reduce the RTA. The use of data recovery services for Long Island businesses can help minimize RTA time and provide extensive testing to ensure that everything is working correctly.
Partnering with an IT support provider in Long Island can help your business fully take advantage of the latest recovery metrics. Total Technology Solutions is an IT provider that can help your organization recover from any disaster in as little time as possible. The use of RTO, RPO, and RTA metrics can help your company minimize costly amounts of downtime. If you wish to learn more about recovery metrics, contact us now!

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