September 3

IT Support on Long Island: Windows 7 Upgrade Checklist

Now that Windows 7 is coming to an end, business owners, managers and IT personnel far and wide are tasked with transitioning to Windows 10. This transition has the potential to backfire unless handled with care. Our IT support team on Long Island can help minimize your risk and prepare your team for the upcoming change with a Windows 7 upgrade checklist.

Will Third-party Software Still Suffice?

The software programs your office currently uses might not prove compatible after you transition to Windows 10. It might be necessary to upgrade those programs or alter the integrations. Our IT support team on Long Island can help you figure out whether your current programs will still function. We can also help you implement alternative solutions. It is better to tackle these challenges now so you do not end up with software that ceases to function after the transition is made.

Is a Comprehensive Hardware Refresh Necessary?

Hardware that has reached five years in age is considered old. Such hardware has the potential to pose problems as current software might not support the new Windows’ requirements. Lean on our Long Island IT services experts to perform a tech assessment on your behalf. We will ensure your business operates with the utmost efficiency even if that means we have to upgrade your hardware and software. Upgrading hardware is also beneficial in that there is no need to tack on even more resources across posterity. Bite the bullet with this one-time disruption and you will enjoy smooth sailing from here on out.

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The Proper Migration Tools for the Transition

An array of migration tools are available to upgrade to Windows 10. Backing up data, porting users and confirming the transfer of data will prove much easier with utilities. Our team can help you pinpoint the primary problems with the upcoming migration to identify the tools likely to help your business the most.

Consider the Type of Migration

There are numerous migration types and strategies. A rolling schedule might be necessary. However, it is also possible to perform a migration in one fell swoop. Most businesses find rolling schedules are better as operations can continue without extensive interruption. If any issues arise, they will not impact the entirety of their company all at one time. This way, we can help you work through the problems and enjoy a drama-free transition to Windows 10.

If you are faced with the transition to Windows 10 or any other tech challenges, there is no sense attempting to handle these issues on your own. You can reach out to Total Technology Solutions for assistance. Contact our IT support team on Long Island for more information.

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