June 7

IT Support on Long Island: Why You Should Always Restart Your Computer

Have you ever called your Long Island IT services provider for consultation and was told to start and restart your computer? Did you at first doubt their counsel or did you do exactly as they advised? Well, our IT support experts on Long Island believe that restarting your computer can solve a multitude of IT-related issues. Read on to understand why restarting your computer is a very good idea.

Restarting Helps Flash Your Ram and Speed Up Your Servers

Believe it or not, when your computer is running, your random-access memory (RAM), is tasked with handling short-term tasks. As it works, it gets to store temporary files, and a repository, it can accumulate many random files and become cluttered. One of the proven ways to declutter your computer is by restarting your computer. When your computer is off, it gives it time to get rid of all temporary files and clears the memory speeding it up.

Restarting Gives Your Computer a Clean Slate

Do you know the sheer number of programs that you open every day when your computer is running? Do you know the effect that these programs have on the smooth running of your computer? Our IT support experts on Long Island believe that when you restart your computer you give it a chance to wipe clean its operating system of all the built-up task and allows it to run smoothly.

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Restarting Helps Prevent Memory Leaks

Every time your computer is on, the programs running on it borrow memory from your RAM. If the said programs are not up-to-date, chances are that they might forget to return the borrowed memory to your RAM and if this continues for a long time, the memory leaks may slow down your computer. Restarting will help solve this problem once and for all.

Restarting Can Help Solve Frozen Screens Issues

Frozen screens are normally as a result of overloaded servers. This often happens when you fail to restart your computer as regularly as you should. When you restart your computer, you give it a chance to cool down reducing the glitch.

Parting Shot

As seen from the discussion above, restarting your computer has far-reaching benefits. If interested to learn more on how to best improve the performance of your computer and servers, do not hesitate to talk to us at Total Technology Solutions. We are an experienced IT support provider on Long Island ready to serve you.

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