August 7

IT Support on Long Island: Why Two-factor Authentication Is Becoming More Popular

Two-factor authentication has spilled into the mainstream of corporate America and beyond across the past few years. This uber-secure means of accessing data is used by business owners, employees, and even clients. If your organization handles any type of sensitive information, it is imperative you implement two-factor authentication. Our IT support team on Long Island is here to help.

The Basics of Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is best described as a login process in which more than a single factor is necessary to log into an account used in the workplace or elsewhere. This form of authentication greatly reduces the chances of hackers tapping into data from a remote position. Two-factor authentication requires more than just one password. Examples of factors commonly used in two-factor authentication include biometric information such as a fingerprint or retina scans, an answer to a personal question, a second password or even something in one’s possession such as a smartphone.

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Why The Use of Two-factor Authentication is on the Rise

More and more businesses and other organizations are using two-factor authentication due to the security measures used in the login process. Two-factor authentication is an effective means of protecting users against phishing, exploitation of credentials and other methods of hacking into accounts. This form of authentication mandates more than just a username and password from the individual logging into the account. Certain forms of two-factor authentication even go as far as mandating the use of a physical device to prevent hackers from gaining improper access to valuable information.

Implement two-factor authentication with the assistance of our IT support team on Long Island and you will significantly reduce the chances of a devastating attack. The alternative is to continue to allow your team to use one basic login/password combination to access the internal system’s sensitive data. This approach might suffice for a few months or possibly even a few years, yet it is not much different from a ticking time bomb bound to explode at some point down the line. You can prevent a potentially business-busting digital break-in by taking action now. Two-factor authentication will bolster your digital defenses, keep your sensitive data secure and ultimately help your business avoid a data breach. Sidestep data breaches and it really will be that much easier to retain your valued clients.

If your business does not have two-factor authentication in place yet, it is time to take the necessary step. You can reach out to our IT support team on Long Island for assistance. Contact us now at Total Technology Solutions for more information and to know our Long Island IT services.

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