August 20

IT Support on Long Island: Why Server Virtualization is Beneficial for Your Business

With the help of IT support experts on Long Island, your business can reap all the benefits of server virtualization, especially if your business relies religiously on technology for its operations.

Server virtualization is a procedure that involves subdividing a physical server to create numerous simulated servers which are capable of running independently. It merges multiple operating systems on a sole server.

In today’s technology-driven organizations, the rewards of server virtualization are tremendous. When done properly, it can save your business lots of money and time.

Here are reasons why server virtualization is beneficial for your business:

Help Move things to Cloud

Server virtualization makes it easy for cloud integration. By consolidating your servers, your business gets closer to becoming a complete cloud operation.

Cost Saving

Server virtualization means that your physical servers will reduce in number. Therefore, power and cooling costs will reduce significantly. A research conducted by VMware indicated that server virtualization reduces energy costs by up to 80%. Also, the few physical servers save you time that you would use to manage many of them. Since there is less to manage and maintain, costs are cut down.

Improved Data Recovery Plan

Disaster is unforeseen and can strike your servers anytime. A system crash can cause insurmountable losses for your business. Luckily, IT services providers on Long Island can advise on server virtualization, which is the perfect measure to prevent data loss. It allows recovery of data instantly. In most cases, virtualization uses two servers which are connected. In case one crashes, the other one continues to work. This prevents interruptions and delays which would lead to losses.

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Reduced Hardware Costs

A report by IDC stated that there was a 40% reduction of hardware costs for businesses that have embraced server virtualization. Computer hardware is expensive. But with server consolidation, you only need a software to carry out your operations. This reduces hardware management stress and maintenance cost.

Increased Productivity

With few physical servers to maintain, your staff has ample time to work on more important tasks. This leads to increased productivity.

Reduced Security Costs

Malware protection is costly and can cost your business substantial amounts. However, with the help of IT services experts on Long Island, you can reduce the amount you spend on security. This is because with server virtualization, incoming threats are detected automatically and any real-time attacks prevented.

Increased Uptime

Server virtualization has advanced features that you cannot find in physical servers. They include features like storage motion, live migrations and others that increase uptime.

The benefits of server virtualization cannot be overlooked. However, server virtualization can be complicated and may seem a daunting process without the help of IT support experts on Long Island. At Total Technology Solution, we can help your business move to server virtualization successfully. For more information, feel free to contact us now.

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