June 8

IT Support in Long Island: Ways to Facilitates More Effective and Reliable Disaster Recovery

IT support professionals in Long Island commonly emphasize the clear need for disaster recovery. The question isn’t “if” you experience operational issues at the disaster level, the question is “when”. The follow-up question is: will you be prepared?

Best Practices to Incorporate

IT consultants in Long Island advise strategic security tactics be put into play to recover swiftly in the wake of unexpected or inevitable IT disaster. Three key things you’ll want to look into include:

1. Know Which “Virtual” Machines Are the Most Critical

IT support experts in Long Island advise that you should tier digital assets based on their level of necessity to your business. The more important some virtual server or other data repository is, the better protected it should be, and the more continuous your backups of that digital server must be. Assure you’ve got multiple backups in multiple locations for such information.

2. Put a Strategy Informed by the Experts Into Action

Design recovery strategies on best practices. Consultation can be key in helping you do this. Remember, what you need to do will depend on your specific organization, and which data you’re focused on retaining.

3. Automate Where Possible and Test As Necessary

You should automate backups, patches, and updates to digital security. You should also conduct dry runs of disaster recovery protocols after you’ve established them to assure they work as intended. This can be a complicated process, so be sure you cover all your bases and update recovery options when it makes the most sense.

Knowing Operations Are Safe from Unexpected Disaster

Our IT support team in Long Island can help you automate recovery solutions and effectively test what you’ve put into place. We can also help you establish a contemporary strategy that will work and determine specific virtual machines requiring direct recovery. To learn more, get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions.

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