November 19

IT Support in Long Island: Understanding What Least Privilege Is and Ways to Implement

Defining Least Privilege

IT support experts in Long Island commonly advise a regulation of “least privilege” among businesses with networks where this is a useful security measure. This concept is basically synonymous to the “need to know basis” thinking which has defined military operations for a long time.

Basically, if someone doesn’t need access to something, they aren’t given that access. This is stratified from the lowest levels of a corporation to the top, and helps keep sensitive information only available to those who should have access to it.

Complications of Least Privilege

While the idea is easy to grasp, implementing it can be a challenge. It’s quite advisable to seek IT consulting experts in Long Island as a means of avoiding common issues. A few things to get your head around include:

  • Managing Privileged Accounts Across Multiple Platforms
  • Consolidating Privileged Accounts Under The Cloud
  • Handling Internal Privilege Abuse

Managing Privileged Accounts Across Multiple Platforms

With least privilege access design, you’ll have tiers of accounts. Some will be standard, some substandard, and some will have virtually total access.

All these levels of access will be stratified across multiple platforms in most big companies unless you’re already consolidated. Even then, external access through mobile networks will likely initiate static.

Consolidating Privileged Accounts Under the Cloud

IT support professionals in Long Island recommend pursuing cloud consolidation as a means of reducing inter-platform privileged account management static internally and externally. But there are challenges here as well. You might want to look into MFA, or Multi-Factor Authentication.

Handling Internal Privilege Abuse

IT experts advise businesses to control IoT access and restrict total access privileges. Sometimes employees “go rogue”. Whenever you provide total access, you open your network up to privilege abuse. IoT is a factor, as is intentional misuse.

Properly Incorporating Least Privilege Infrastructure

At Total Technology Solutions, our IT support team in Pasadena can help you determine best practices in managing privileged accounts across multiple platforms, demonstrate whether cloud options are best for your business and outline methodology for handling privilege abuse, as well as associated preventative measures. Contact us for more information.

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