February 11

IT Support on Long Island: Understanding the True Costs of Manufacturing Downtime

All it takes is one human error to bring your manufacturing system to a grinding halt. While technology improves efficiency and productivity in manufacturing, it is also a vulnerability, according to IT support experts on Long Island. It’s important to understand what might happen and what the true costs of manufacturing downtime can be.

Why Does Technology Make Manufacturing Vulnerable?

Walk around your manufacturing operations and you will likely see a lot of technology present. Computer terminals that handle inventory, orders, and manufacturing operations are obvious. However, there’s so much more including SCADA systems, industrial equipment, industrial analytics tools, and network components.

A phishing email can bring your manufacturing down. Someone in the office opens an email that looks like it came from a vendor or a customer. There’s a link inside. The employee clicks the link. In that single action, a hacker gains access. It likely downloads malware to the employee’s PC and then starts replicating. It also bores a hole through the firewall to allow the hacker direct access.

According to IT support experts on Long Island, that hacker can attack any system on your network, including your manufacturing systems. Instead of seeing the next order popping up, your employees get a message that the system is locked and that it requires a ransom to unlock it. Your manufacturing just ground to a halt.

The Costs of a Cyberattack on Your Manufacturing Operations

There are both direct and indirect costs with a non-functioning manufacturing line.

Direct costs include production, labor, inventory, and repair costs that you incur because the system isn’t functioning. Plus, you may have to call in a cybersecurity specialist just to get things up and running again.

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Besides direct costs, there are indirect costs which can damage your operations. Employee morale is one. If you have to send your employees home because manufacturing is halted, they’re not going to be happy. Your sales reps aren’t going to be happy either when customers start calling wanting to know where their orders are.

If your customers depend on your product for their own operations, your downtime will become their downtime. And that could end up losing your company their business.

Avoiding the Problem

Prevention of a cyberattack is the best option. You need to protect all areas of your network from attack. You need to educate employees on the role they play in preventing attacks. You need round-the-clock monitoring of your systems. IT services providers on Long Island can help.

To learn more, contact us at Total Technology Solutions today. We are the experts in IT support Long Island manufacturers trust with their cybersecurity.

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