December 24

IT Support on Long Island: Tips to Help You Improve Your IT Department’s Workflow

More businesses continue to hire IT support providers on Long Island as the need to incorporate technology in business operations increases. IT departments have become a necessity, and companies that cannot have an in-house IT team have the alternative of outsourcing. This critical area of today’s business world, however, faces several challenges. Keeping up with emerging technologies, managing big data, interoperability of IT systems, and communication are among the challenges faced.

Poor communication to— and between— employees costs small companies an average of $420,000 annually. The following tips can help you mitigate the workflow crisis caused by poor and inadequate communication in your IT department:

Avoid Jargon

Using IT jargon while communicating with employees or colleagues unfamiliar with the phrases gets in the way of clarity of your messages. Using field-specific language in an environment with experts from varying fields create alienation. It also changes meaning in phrases and brings confusion, which can interfere with your business workflow. Using plain and clear language eliminates the obstruction and inspires others to act.

Keep Your Team Updated

Your IT department should keep the rest of the team updated. The same applies if you have outsourced your IT functions to providers of IT support on Long Island. Sharing updates ensure everyone is on track, and projects are brought to completion. Encouraging your team to regularly check status updates reduces information overload, making communication more effective.

Also, support your Long Island IT services provider in creating personalized messages to communicate effectively with the different stakeholders in your business.

Design a Priority Score

Poor communication and failure to prioritize tasks is a significant cause for project failure. Resources are usually limited, compared to the project at hand. To ensure success when delivering projects, you should pay more attention to the high priority tasks. Create a priority task score and share it with your team.

This will help them understand why you should work on a given project and not another. For instance, stage prioritization when doing software upgrades, start with the ones that are more beneficial to your existing IT projects.

Employ Tools that Foster Collaborative Communication

Effective communication to improve workflow should include feedback and collaboration. The input of every staff member is valuable. However, it is challenging to hear from everyone, as employees are usually scattered. Using internal communication tools mobilizes all information in one place. Have a system that allows employees to access communication documents in one place, provide feedback, and share.

Using compatible systems foster interoperability, which makes communication of the team members easy and less time-consuming.


Working with IT support providers on Long Island that understand the importance of communication in the IT department and organization as a whole can help improve your workflow. At Total Technology Solutions, we offer IT services while keeping in mind the importance of communication skills in achieving your goals. Contact us for more information.

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