February 26

How IT Support on Long Island Should Protect Your Data

One of the most obvious factors that separate high-quality IT support on Long Island from inexperienced tech support companies is a heavy emphasis on data protection. Cybersecurity becomes more important every year as cybercriminals continue to penetrate small to large companies. Here are tasks that your IT consultant can manage to help protect your data:

Backing Up and Testing Files Regularly

Every business needs to back up its files on a regular basis, to avoid lost or damaged files. A company that never makes any backups is setting itself up for a big collapse if it’s ever breached by hackers. Without backups of customer data, a business has to start all over again from scratch. One of the most important considerations for a data backup plan is the type of media for storage. Newer digital media is more efficient and provides the best recovery time.

Keeping fresh backups in multiple places is the most reliable way to ensure the best data protection. Conscious businesses make new backups on a daily to weekly basis. You never know when you might have a power outage or a hardware failure that damages files. The more often you make backups, the better chances you’ll have at preserving all your critical data when something disrupts your network.

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But just backing up files isn’t good enough to make sure all files function properly. A certain number of files must be tested after backups are made as a way of gauging the response time after a disaster. Testing helps detect corrupt files and replace them with usable copies. Businesses that suffer a ransomware attack may need data recovery services on Long Island. The best way to limit the damage of an attack is to prepare for one.

Designing a Disaster Recovery Plan

One of the most important data protection layers that an IT support firm on Long Island can provide is a disaster recovery plan. Laying out a series of steps to take in the event of an emergency is an essential way to avoid panic. A disaster recovery plan explains in detail the role different employees will play and the what steps to take to return to business continuity.

An important aspect of a disaster recovery plan is the list of instructions and configurations for software and hardware. An effective disaster recovery plan emphasizes limited downtime.


Working with knowledgeable IT support experts on Long Island is the best way to protect your business data. Even in the worst-case scenario, you’ll still have access to data. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about IT security and expertise to help improve your business.

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