April 5

IT Support on Long Island: Securing Your Business Data with Office 365

With hackers around every turn, your business data is at risk. It’s paramount that you take steps to keep your company’s data secure. One way to do this, according to IT support experts on Long Island, is to migrate some or all of your data to Microsoft’s Cloud Service via Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 offers enterprise-level security to every user and organization. It was built from the ground up using the Security Development Lifecycle, a framework that embeds security into every layer of the product. The software requires multi-factor authentication, configurable at the customer level.

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7 Reasons to Move Your Business Data to Office 365

IT support experts on Long Island say that business would be more secure migrating to Office 365 for the following reasons:

  1. Strict physical security – All of our data centers are locked down. Only authorized personnel can access the center, and they must cross several layers of security including motion sensors, biometric devices, video surveillance, and 24-hour secure access.
  2. Full data encryption – Data is never left unencrypted once it enters the system. It is encrypted during network transmission as well as when it’s sitting on a hard disk.
  3. Built-in data backups – Every bit of data is backed up on a regular basis. This makes it easier to recover in case data becomes corrupted or gets hit with a cyber attack.
  4. Strict password policies – All users must use “hard” passwords that meet strict guidelines. They must be changed regularly to decrease the chances of a data breach.
  5. Regional data hosting – Keeping data in centers at a regional level minimizes lag time while reducing the chance of losing data due to local disasters.
  6. Full control of privacy-impacting features – Each customer can customize the privacy settings to balance company needs for privacy and data access needs.
  7. No data mining or unauthorized access – Microsoft only uses customer information to provide service. Private business data is never accessed without permission from the customer.

Are you ready to migrate to Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud Services? We can help you with every aspect of the migration process, from planning to testing, to implementation and beyond. We offer a full slate of Long Island IT services to fulfill your technical support needs. To learn more about security and Office 365, contact Total Technology Solutions. We offer full IT support to Long Island customers in a number of industries. Let us help you.

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