November 19

Why IT Support Provider in Long Island Recommend VPN for Secure Internet Browsing

IT support provider in Long Island advise companies that need top-tier security and encryption solutions to employ the auspices of a virtual private network (VPN). If you’re unfamiliar, a VPN is a network of servers which operates in a private, specifically designated way. When you log onto this network, any data sent from your computer or to your computer from the network is encrypted so that it is beyond access to the vast majority of cybercriminals. This provides better protection than “private browsing” solutions, which don’t really hide your activity on the web. Although, your web history may be included.

There are additional, considerable, collateral advantages to VPNs beyond security. You connect to VPNs using the internet. This makes it so that your usage isn’t monitored on its own but in context against the functionality of the VPN. So, your web activities are hidden. Additionally, a VPN located in the US could be accessed from a location overseas in Europe or somewhere else where certain sites are blocked. Through the VPN, you can gain access to sites that are blocked. This means those working in your company who must access such sites won’t be restricted. In places like China, where there are strict internet protocols, these kinds of solutions are eminently desirable.

With such advantages in mind, finding your VPN may take a while because if you’re going to experience the greatest functionality, you want a reliable VPN solution. Several factors to take into consideration include:

  • How much will it cost?
  • Where are VPNs located?
  • What capacities are involved?
  • IP leaking

How Much Will It Cost?

You can source VPN solutions totally free, but you’ll get what you pay for. You want vetted solutions that are designed for the business use you need. These are likely to include support options. However, free solutions don’t have greater speed, capacity, and security.

Where VPNs are Located

IT support provider in Long Island will generally provide you more localized, efficient support in the category of VPNs than those located in, for example, Europe. Also, as mentioned previously, certain locations will have accesses and restrictions that others won’t. If you’re using some out-of-country VPN solutions, you may be able to access some non-US sites, but there are other sites you’d need to access that you wouldn’t be able to.

What Capacities are Involved?

The more servers a VPN has online, the more capacity it is likely to properly handle. Read through data capacity limits to ensure that the VPN you’re considering can handle what you need it to. Additionally, don’t neglect to ask about how many services they have.

IP Leaking

Many VPNs come with free trials. Get one and run the VPN through ” “. This site will allow you to see if the VPN in question leaks IPs or not.

Secure, Reliable VPN Delivery

Our IT support expert in Long Island can help you find secure, high-capacity, local, comprehensive VPN solutions. Contact our Total Technology Solutions team if you have any questions about VPNs and other modern technology solutionsfor today’s business world. VPNs are strategically viable, finding a good one makes sense.

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