July 7

IT Support in Long Island: Recognizing and Preventing Cybersecurity Intrusion Attacks

IT support experts in Long Island often emphasize just how risky the modern digital environment is. While common strategies of hackers are known because technology keeps advancing, new means of breaching networks develop all the time. If you’re going to be secure, you need to plan against what you can anticipate.

A Close Look at the Methodology of Hackers

IT services specialists in Long Island are apt to point out that cybercriminals tend to “case out” a “target” using the same–or at least similar–methodologies. What you can expect hackers to do is the following:

Reconnaissance and Access Weaponization

IT support professionals in Long Island advise that you should secure your business from being too vulnerable to reconnaissance. That means you keep only the data which has to be public, public. The rest, guard carefully. If there’s a vulnerability found by a hacker, they’ll “weaponize” that vulnerability–they’ll find a way by which that hole in security can be used as an avenue for their malware, or whatever they decide to use for system invasion.

Defense Breach, Exploitation of Targets, and Installing Backdoors

Once they’ve got a vector, they’ll breach defenses, establish targets which will be exploited, and put in “backdoors” they can use at their leisure.

Network Manipulation and the Realization Of Digital Criminal Goals

You can stop network manipulation from happening through preventative action, but if you’re not careful, backdoors will be used to provide hackers with the “payday” they were seeking through your company. Basically, once they’ve got a way in, they manipulate your network and steal whatever assets or data is in accordance with their varying goals.

Establishing Comprehensive Protection Against All Hacker Avenues

Total Technology Solutions can help secure your business against cybercriminal intrusion. We can help keep reconnaissance from being successful, reduce weaponization of access, help you keep from being breached or exploited, help you detect and protect against backdoors, aid in keeping your network from being manipulated, and help stop cybercriminals from realizing their goals. To learn more about your risks and how to safeguard operations, feel free to contact our IT support team in Long Island.

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