November 29

IT Support in Long Island: Outsourcing IT Vs. In-House IT Staff

Every business requires at least one or two tech-oriented individuals to handle infrastructure, troubleshooting, and other IT necessities. In some instances, this role is as simple as updating a website and maintaining a secure server for a business owner. In other instances, an entire team of tech professionals works together to automate tasks and improve efficiency. In your case, you must decide whether to outsource IT support in Long Island or attempt to get it done in-house. Let’s take a closer look at what goes into making this decision.

Outsourcing IT Support

An IT support team can likely meet all of the needs of the typical small business. If your group is strapped for resources, outsource to a team of experts and you won’t experience as many workflow interruptions. Outsource your IT support and you will also save a good amount of money to boot. There is no sense paying an in-house IT professional an exorbitant salary plus a costly benefits package when you can pay considerably less for assistance from an IT support team in Long Island.

Relying on a managed IT services team also provides ’round the clock tech support available for problem-solving. This is efficient as it gets companies with employees stationed around the world, working odd hours and in need of reliable hardware, software, and network solutions. There is no way one or two in-house IT employees could provide nearly the same level of support.

A group of tech professionals that stays up to date on the latest industry advances will provide a substantial competitive advantage. The world of tech simply moves too fast for a single IT professional to keep up with. The team facilitates IT quick and seamless and make transitions to new tech solutions that help you capture market share and retain clients.

The Case for Staying In-house

A large part of the appeal of relying on an in-house staff member is the fact that the staff can get to know clients and establish a unique bond. This individual is on-site every day so they become familiar with clients, standard operating procedures, personnel and other aspects of the business. It is also worth noting an in-house IT professional can solve tech emergencies right away during work hours. This individual is familiar with the system and has the potential to prove to be quite the effective leader when crises occur.

In-house IT workers tend to work in a more gradual manner that allows them to adequately address issues, evaluate systems and decide on the proper course of action in an informed manner. Some argue the same detailed evaluation is sometimes lacking by those who work for managed IT services.

However, the means of tech support you settle on will ultimately tell the story. Give managed IT services a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

If you are in need of IT support in Long Island, we at Total Technology Solutions provide managed services, cloud support, cybersecurity, hardware, training and more. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and to learn more.

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