March 29

IT Support on Long Island: The Most Common IT Myths, and the Facts Behind Them

Those who work in IT support on Long Island and elsewhere find some individuals in tech circles tend to be conspiracy theorists and believe in tech-oriented myths that seem like they might have a bit of truth to them, yet are actually bald-faced lies. Plenty of everyday people also believe these myths. Let’s take a look at some of the top IT myths and shed light on the truth.

Mac Computers Don’t End Up with Viruses

Though Mac computers do not have viruses at the same frequency as PCs, it is still possible for Macs to be impacted by viruses. The truth is Macs are susceptible to digital security threats ranging from malware to ransomware, phishing attacks, and beyond. Though such attacks are rare on Macs, they do occur.

Charging a Smartphone Overnight Ruins Its Battery

There is no truth to this rumor! You can charge your phone all night long and still enjoy a full battery charge without worry over the battery losing its juice. Though the phone will warm up as a result of a lengthy charge, the extra heat probably won’t ruin the phone. If your phone is warm after a night of charging, simply remove the case.

Security is Unnecessary When I Don’t Own Anything Important

Though you might not keep important information on your computer, you still need digital security. After all, you probably use your computer for banking, shopping, and bill paying. Therefore, you need a digital line of defense. It helps to work with IT support professionals on Long Island for further assistance in safeguarding your data.

A Firewall is the Sole Defense Necessary

Firewalls are essential to digital security, but IT services experts on Long Island say that they will not prove effective against every single digital threat. The truth is firewalls stop specific types of malware that usually spread from one computing device to the next. You need firewalls, spam prevention, content filters, anti-malware, and centralized antivirus protection to safeguard the system.

Blowing on a Video Game Cartridge Enhances Its Functionality

Though blowing on old NES cartridges in the 80s allegedly helped improve their functionality, this approach does not work today. The truth is blowing into cartridges causes more harm than benefit as the water vapor within breath damages the cartridge’s sensitive components.

Total Technology Solutions

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