January 16

IT Support in Long Island: Meeting the New HIPAA Guidelines In 2018

The dawn of the new year results in many changes, especially in the healthcare industry. For healthcare companies, partnering with an IT support provider in Long Island can help ensure HIPAA compliance in the upcoming months. It is essential that you follow all of the HIPAA guidelines, knowing that a violation of HIPAA laws can result in severe penalties, which range from $100 to over $1,000,000 for an extreme breach. Of course, these guidelines are always evolving, so it is important to ensure that you are familiar with any changes. Luckily, an IT provider will allow you to remain HIPAA-compliant and can help you avoid becoming a victim of these harsh penalties. Here are just a couple of ways that an IT provider will help you prevent any violations in 2018:

Staying Proactive

One of the most effective ways that an IT provider can help you avoid HIPAA violations is through proactive service. Instead of reacting to a problem, an IT support company will look for any security vulnerabilities and fix them before they develop into a severe issue. An IT provider can help you analyze your policies to ensure that you are meeting the strict requirements and not breaking any laws inadvertently. On the other hand, failure to be proactive not only cause significant amounts of monetary loss but can severely damage the reputation of your organization. It is more effective to partner with an IT company that is always proactively looking for improvements and will prevent issues from developing into large-scale problems.

Keeps Data Safe

Another benefit of employing an IT support group in Long Island is that they can keep your data safe and secure while remaining HIPAA-compliant. Failure to have an IT provider can cause significant security risks as cyber attacks are becoming increasingly more common and complex. These cyber attacks can lead to loss of confidential data, which is substantial in itself, but it also exposes your organization to major HIPAA violations. Nevertheless, it is critical to use an IT provider that you can trust to keep your data out of the hands of unauthorized users.
You can have state of the art protection while also keeping your organization in compliance with the various HIPAA laws when you employ an IT support provider in Long Island. Total Technology Solutions is an IT support provider that specializes in helping companies remain HIPAA-compliant while also giving them access to the latest technology available. Our IT team is always looking for new ways to increase protection and is continually providing updates to ensure that you have access to the best technology. We understand the importance of HIPAA compliance and the severity of these violations. Our primary goal is to help organizations keep their data safe and secure while also enabling companies to take advantage of the latest advances in the IT world. Contact us today and let us set up a meeting to discuss the many benefits of partnering with an IT company that values safety and security.

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