December 16

IT Support in Long Island: Key Strategies in Malware Prevention

IT support firms in Long Island must commonly assist customers pertaining to malware issues. Malware is something very prescient. It’s something that likely won’t go away any time soon, as it propounds in a way that matches the expansion of technology itself. As white-hat IT innovates, so does black-hat IT. Continual vigilance is necessary.

IT consulting firms in Long Island advise a number of specific tactics for protection against malware. These can differ per company. However, some generalized strategies that are worth considering across the board include the following:

Secure All Access Points Across Your Operational Network

IT support firms in Long Island can help you map out your network to determine all vulnerabilities. This can be done through network assessment, as well as general systems monitoring. Different methods will reveal different vulnerabilities and may be more or less applicable to your business. You can certainly secure many points like this on your own, but consultation may help you find areas of access you didn’t know existed.

Patch Firewalls and Antivirus Software as Swift as Possible

IT consulting firms in Long Island advise antivirus software patches which are automated as it’s possible to do so. Sometimes network configuration isn’t conducive to this, but if you can involve firewalls and antivirus in automated update, it will do much to protect your operation.

Facilitate Security Through Well-Maintained Backup Strategy

Backup is your failsafe solution. When all else fails, if you’ve got regularly updated backup options that you test at intervals to assure their proper functionality, you’ll do much to safeguard your data. Get at least three separate backup options. Have two on-site but backed up through separate media. Keep one backup off-site. Such an approach facilitates balanced redundancy.

Malware Prevention Strategies

Our IT support team in Long Island at Total Technology Solutions advises effective backup solutions, automated firewall and antivirus updates, and comprehensive access point securement for general security against malware. Contact us for more information on these and other malware protection strategies.

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