July 9

IT Support in Long Island: Keep Your SMB from Being a Statistic

The Question Isn’t “If”, But “When”

Outsourced IT support in Long Island can do more for less in terms of security than your SMB can internally. Unless you can afford to hire monitoring solutions around the clock and reserve part of your budget for retaining cutting-edge security, outsourcing will give you more protection for less money.

You may think you’re too small to be a target, but this isn’t the case. Cybercriminals have entire tech businesses that are funded entirely by what they can steal. The game is statistical. If you haven’t been hit with a virus, you will be eventually.

Common Dangers

For cybercriminals, which target group is statistically more likely to produce the most revenue? Well, you may be surprised to find that SMBs aren’t so remote. Outsourcing to IT companies in Long Island is preferable to internal options for many reasons, among them these:

The Worst Cybersecurity Threats Are Internal

IT support providers in Long Island can help educate your personnel to keep them from incidentally compromising your network through improper internet use or incidental accident. Statistically, your biggest threats will be internal. Internal tech solutions compound this probability, regardless of how well funded they are.

Cybercriminals Specifically Target SMBs

The vulnerabilities of SMBs make them more prime targets for cybercriminals. If you’ve got a small to medium-sized business, you’re a prime cybercriminal target.

The Cybercrime Industry Is As Big As the Public Tech Industry

The public tech industry is worth around $5 trillion. By 2021, the black market tech industry will be worth around $6 trillion. When you split the difference, it turns out these two are neck-and-neck in terms of market impact. How does the black market make money? By stealing.

Safeguarding Your SMB in Turbulent Tech Waters

At Total Technology Solutions, our IT support team in Long Island can help you avoid tech threats as big as the primary market, avoid being sidelined through specific targeting, and ensure personnel are up-to-date on operational best practices to avoid incidental data compromise. Contact us for more information.

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