December 3

IT Support in Long Island: Invest in Your Business While Protecting It

The Expense of Security Is Literally an Investment

IT support in Long Island can help optimize operations cost-effectively, and often much more reliably than internal solutions would facilitate. When it comes to security, it’s possible to see ROI, making it more than a precautionary measure. Technology has a black market, and cybercriminals will impact your operation eventually. It’s not so much a question of if you get hacked, but when; and how hard. With security, you reduce costly downtime coming from hacks. Accordingly, you make more money in a given year than without security.

What Sort of Security to Invest In

IT consultants in Long Island advise you don’t simply acquire security options without conforming them to fit operational needs. All businesses are different, but several of the best security options include:

Monitoring Options and Staff Training

IT support professionals in Long Island advise that you should train your staff as regards best practices in tech security. Refresh them every couple of months, as that’s all it takes for new issues to hit the IT world. Also, invest in monitoring solutions on or off-site as best fits your business model; this helps you identify and correct anomalous activity faster.

Identification and Rectification of Vulnerabilities

A penetration test helps determine where you’re vulnerable and helps you determine how best to rectify said vulnerability. MSP options can evaluate your business and help find such vulnerabilities for repair.

Security Patches, Updates, Backup and Recovery Solutions

You should also institute automatic patch updates as feasible, update varying security software where patches won’t do, and design backup solutions that are tested regularly to assure effectiveness.

Effective Security Investment

Total Technology Solutions can help you re-invest in your business securely through security infrastructure. Monitoring, staff training, vulnerability identification, vulnerability repair, security patches, updates, and backup solutions are all recommendable to this end. To learn more, contact our IT support team in Long Island.

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