July 16

IT Support in Long Island: An Insight into Terms Used in IT (P-R)

Do some terminologies used by IT support providers in Long Island sometimes confuse you? Well, this has been a common problem among many people. It is not entirely anyone’s fault because as IT keeps evolving, many IT words are coined, which may sometimes bring some confusion in their meaning. This article seeks to enlighten you on some important IT words and their meaning. These terms are especially useful to businesses as they refer to aspects used in business operations. Such terms include:

Private Cloud

A private cloud is a model of cloud computing where IT services are offered on a private IT structure that is dedicated to the goals and needs of a single organization. It is also referred to an enterprise cloud and it is managed via internal resources.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

RPO is the maximum acceptable volume of data loss measured in time. It is the interval of time that passes during a disaster before the volume of data lost during that period exceeds the threshold of the business continuity plan.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

RTO is the maximum tolerable duration that a system, network or application can be disrupted, or when a business can stay without its data. Business processes must be restored within this time to avoid continuity break consequences and any associated risks. An IT support provider in Long Island can come in handy in determining RTO and RPO.


Ransomware is a form of malware software that denies one access to his or her data, typically by encryption. One is then demanded to pay ransom via virtual currency like bitcoins. Usually, ransomware is launched via phishing emails or exploit kits. Phishing emails come with malicious attachments, while exploit kits take advantage of software that has not been updated.

Resolution Time

Resolution time is the amount of time from when an issue is reported and when it is fully resolved. The issue in question could be a network, security, or IT problem.

Response Time

The response time is the time between after a client creates an incident report to the time the service provider responds to let the client know that they have received their problem and that they are working on it.
Information technology is wide; thus, each day should be a learning experience for businesses. It can be a bad image for your businesses if a potential client mentions an IT term and you fail to get the meaning. That is why Total Technology Solutions, an IT support provider in Long Island, seeks to educate everyone on these terminologies. Contact us for a deeper understanding of these words.
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