March 5

IT Support in Long Island: An Insight into Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a backup and cloud computing service provided by IT Support providers in Long Island which makes use of the cloud to keep data and other applications safe in the event of a disaster. It allows an organization to recover fully and have business continuity in the event of a disaster or system failure. It is also referred to as Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS), and it comes with a business continuity plan or a disaster recovery plan.
With DRaaS, you are assured of a full data backup and replication while acting as a secondary infrastructure at the same time. DRaaS enables a company to continue with the normal business operations while the main system undergoes repair. The applications will be running on virtual machines even when a disaster has not occurred.
Even if you have onsite solutions, you can still use DRaaS to strike a balance between on-premise solutions and cloud computing. You can replicate your system on the cloud without necessarily having to do away with your onsite system. In addition, you can even test the system once the backup is done.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • Rapid and Immediate Recovery – You never know when disaster will strike your business, and downtime is the last thing you want to deal with. However, with a DRaaS solution, your business operations will be restored back to normal in just a short time.
  • Multi-Site Data Backup – DRaaS works in the cloud, replicating all apps and files to multiple offsite locations. This ensures that there is a continuous backup and you can always recover your data even when some of the sites are inaccessible.
  • Utilizing Resources – With DRaaS, you have virtual access to assets with hardly any software or hardware expenditures. DRaaS takes up fewer operational resources. This means you can save a lot on hardware costs and software licenses. In fact, with DRaaS, you don’t need to worry about backup servers because they have access to a technologically efficient data center and computing power.
  • Reduced Costs – With DRaaS, you have the option of backing up only the data that needs backup. This means that a business can reduce costs depending on data requirements. Flexibility protection is also guaranteed.
  • Array Agnostic – With DRaaS, any environment can be replicated. It does not discriminate between platforms or vendors.
  • Professionalism – IT support professionals in Long Island will handle everything with excellence and expertise. They will ensure everything is up and running within a very short time.

It is no doubt that the best decision you will ever make is by investing in a DRaaS solution. Collaborate with an IT support provider in Long Island to come up with the best strategy tailored to suit your specific business needs. Total Technology Solutions is an IT company that can help you attain your business goals. We provide DRaaS solutions, among many other IT services. In addition, we give around-the-clock monitoring services to ensure everything in your network is running properly. Contact us today and let us begin a partnership where your data is kept securely for disaster recovery purposes.

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