May 21

IT Support in Long Island: The Importance of Patch Management to Your Business

Keeping your computer system updated with the latest patches from an IT support company in Long Island is essential for security. Hackers are continually searching for vulnerabilities within a network, and a managed service provider (MSP) can keep your company well-protected from these threats. A patch is designed to update your computer’s software and minimize any potential security vulnerabilities. However, many companies fail to install patches as soon as they become available and are exposing their business to unnecessary risks.
Here are a just few reasons why patch management is critical to the security of your organization:

Prevents Cyberattacks

Did you know that the vast majority of cyberattacks result from devices that have not received the latest patch updates? These patches are typically already available, but companies fail to install them in a timely manner. Instead of waiting a few minutes to download and install the latest security updates, companies are ignoring these upgrades and risking the entire security of the computer infrastructure.

Monitoring Services

Another important reason for using IT support in Long Island is that it enables your organization to receive around the clock monitoring services. These services will identify any security vulnerabilities, and an IT provider will begin immediately working on developing a new security patch. Instead of trying to keep up with everything on your own, an IT provider will take care of your cybersecurity needs and enable your employees to focus on their core job responsibilities.

Access to Microsoft Patch Management

Partnering with an MSP allows your business to gain access to essential Microsoft patches as soon as they become available. Instead of delaying the installation of these upgrades, an IT provider will review these patches and ensure that each computer receives these updates with minimal delays. Ensuring that each computer remains in compliance will add another layer of protection for your business and can prevent significant amounts of downtime due to proactive maintenance.
Choosing to partner with an IT support company in Long Island offers immense benefits, which includes gaining access to patch management services. New cyber threats continue to emerge on a daily basis, and the installation of these patches can prevent your company from becoming the next victim. Total Technology Solutions is a full-service IT provider that focuses on keeping businesses protected with the latest technology. We understand the significant threats that companies face each day, and it is our mission to always look for new ways to improve the security of your organization. Contact us today if you wish to learn more about the importance of patch management services.

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