March 10

IT Support in Long Island: The Importance of BCM

It’s essential to maintain your business in the event of a crisis, and according to IT support experts in Long Island, one of the best ways to do that is through business continuity management (BCM). Essentially, BCM is planning ahead for risks and assuring fundamental aspects of operations stay functional during varying crises.

Finding the Best Options for Your Business

IT companies in Long Island recommend different BCM options for different companies. This is because different needs will be present, and that requires requisite planning. A few tactics almost all businesses will want to pursue include:

Developing an Effective BCP

IT support experts in Long Island strongly recommend first developing a business continuity plan (BCP). This is the core of your BCM suite. This plan will need to include things like database mirroring for public websites so customers don’t realize you’re in the midst of a disaster.

Backup and data recovery (BDR) is something you should already have in place. If you don’t, incorporate this into your BCP; consultation helps you find your best balance here.

Getting the Right Employees Involved

Some employees won’t help out here, some will be absolutely essential. Determine who is who, and assure they are totally appr
ised of their duties when disaster manifests.

Testing Out Your Strategies to Assure Effectiveness

Lastly, whatever solutions you put in place should be tested with regularity. Test backups, put employees through “drills” when they’re necessarily involved in your BCM, and refresh operations as necessary. Without testing, even the best BCPs are apt to fall short of your security needs.

BCM Solutions Are Essential in Viably Safeguarding Operations

Our IT support team in Long Island can help you develop a trustworthy BCP involving the right employees. Additionally, we can be an essential part in helping you test what strategies you put into place. To learn more, get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions.

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