April 11

IT Support in Long Island: Implementing Mobile Security as Part of a BYOD Policy

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a growing trend that more and more companies are adopting. There are many pros and cons to this movement. Among the benefits include convenience, comfort, and increased productivity among your employees. The challenges with BYOD relate to your business’ ability to control and limit how these devices are used. It’s easier for security concerns to arise when personal computers and mobile devices are being used. The best way to safeguard your business and prevent data breaches is with a robust BYOD policy. Whether you have your own IT department or rely on IT support in Long Island, your IT team can help you implement the necessary cyber security measures.

Elements of a Data Security Plan

A data security plan is needed for any business that relies heavily on its IT systems to function. The plan must have measures to safeguard confidential and sensitive information and prevent it from landing in the wrong hands. This could have very negative ramifications depending on the extent of the breach such as loss of customers or even legal action. The security plan must maintain the integrity of the data and prevent unauthorized manipulation and changes. The security plan must only allow the data to be accessed by authorized users as needed.
With more and more employees working remotely as a result of cloud capabilities, it is vital that the cloud is secured. One of the ways businesses can prevent data breaches through mobile devices is by necessitating the installation of mobile device management (MDM) or mobile application management (MAM) software for all those in the BYOD program. MDM is able to control the whole device, while MAM provides control at the application level and both allow management and security at the different levels. The company providing your IT support in Long Island can help you determine what kind of software to recommend.

Working with Experts

The security of your company’s data and network is of high importance. Consider working with IT professionals who can to help you identify your business’ major security risks and then recommend a plan of action. IT experts can implement the leading standards for security measures so that you can go about your daily business activities without fear of cyber-attacks and unknown threats.
Some of the security measures you may need include MAM/MDM as already discussed and email encryption. Without a means to monitor, protect, and limit what your employees send via email, you may be opening up your business to severe data breaches. The devices allowed in the BYOD program must be secured and protected so that should they fall into the wrong hands through theft or misplacement, your business is not put at risk.
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