February 21

IT Support in Long Island: Identifying the Most Common Social Engineering Attacks and Preventing Them

IT support providers in Long Island have noted an increase in social engineering attacks on SMBs and enterprises. The disturbing truth is that these attacks are advancing each day. The hackers and cybercriminals are always inventing new ways of fooling individuals into giving them access to confidential information.
A social engineering attack is a cybercrime whereby the cybercriminal uses psychological means to fool and manipulate people into giving them access to sensitive and confidential data. This is mostly achieved using emails or any other communication channel, which stirs some sense of urgency and fear in the unsuspecting employee or user. The victim ends up following a malicious link, opening a malicious file, or revealing sensitive data.

The Most Common Social Engineering Techniques

According to IT support experts in Long Island, attackers will use whatever means they have to use to break into a network and get hold of confidential company data. The most popular one is through social engineering. The most common technique used in social engineering attacks include:

  • Phishing
  • Vishing (Voice phishing)
  • Phishing

Phishing scams are widely used by attackers whose aim is accessing a network or obtaining sensitive information to be used for malicious activities. With this technique, unsuspecting users are likely to compromise a system by following a link leading to a malicious site, opening a seemingly harmless mail or downloading an attachment that may contain some malicious codes.
This kind of attack is quite sophisticated as the cybercriminals create emails that look legit. With the aid of the social media platforms, an attacker can gather anything they need to know. Then they will create an email especially tailored to them, which addresses their needs, increasing the chances of that person clicking or downloading the files.


Vishing is done through the phone whereby a phone call is made to an individual. The attacker uses the little information he or she has about the person, such as the name and date of birth, to get more info such as social security number and login credentials.

How to Avoid These Attacks

The first step to prevent these attacks is educating the employees about them. Let your employees know how to respond to a phone call or email that is asking them to click on certain links or give information. The following tips will lessen the likelihood of the attack:

  • Look closely at the address of the sender to be sure that it is legit
  • Check out the links closely and verify the URL
  • Never download an attachment until you are sure of the sender

In the case of vishing scams, ensure that you establish the identity of the person calling. Do not give in to his or her demands just because he or she knows your name or birthday. Such information can easily be collected from the social sites. Be cautious about giving up any info whatsoever.
Do not wait for the attack; take preventive measures, such as consulting an IT support provider in Long Island. Total Technology Solutions is an IT services provider that can help you deal with such social engineering scams. Contact us today and let us help you guard your company against cybercrime.

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