June 9

IT Support on Long Island: How WiFi 6E Will Enhance Crowded Wireless Internet

Working from home is the new normal. Aside from a seemingly endless number of distractions, working from home is also problematic in that wireless internet is typically slower at home than at work. Home WiFi becomes especially slow when several family members are using the internet. If the signal spectrum becomes overloaded, the wireless performance will decrease, making it that much more challenging to work with efficiency. Our IT support team on Long Island believes WiFi 6E will prove quite helpful for those working from home.

The Inside Scoop on WiFi 6E

The FCC approved a brand new standard for wireless internet connections dubbed WiFi 6E. The aim of WiFi 6E is to ensure wireless routers can tap into the 6GHZ band. The result is rapid and stable wireless internet connections. However, most people who work from home are a bit hesitant to have faith in WiFi 6E simply because there are plenty of unknowns. Our IT support team on Long Island here sheds light on this new wireless internet connection and can help you ultimately get the most out of it while working at home.

A Necessary Improvement

Though the WiFi 6E story is yet to be told, the expectation is this new standard for wireless internet will make a meaningful difference in the speed and quality of WiFi. However, we do not have statistics nor other specifics that quantify the improvement. What our managed IT experts on Long Island know at this moment is there will be a meaningful improvement in internet quality when the new standard is implemented. It is best to think of WiFi 6E with the metaphor of auto traffic. The implementation of WiFi 6E creates a new lane to travel on the currently crowded information highway, significantly reducing congestion.

Upgrading the Equipment

Equipment upgrades will be necessary to take advantage of WiFi 6E. Only power users should buy the initial WiFi 6E router that is available in brick-and-mortar stores and through e-tailers. These initial routers will prove quite costly. It does not make sense to take the initial plunge as soon as the first WiFi 6E are released unless your home wireless internet network has ground to a near-halt. Wait for the price to drop, scoop up a new WiFi 6E router and you will notice a positive impact on your wireless internet speed and quality.

Backwards Compatibility

Don’t worry about your computing devices being phased out with the arrival of WiFi 6E. These new routers are made to be backwards compatible. This means the old tech will function with the new routers without flaw.

At Total Technology Solutions, our IT support team on Long Island can help you get the most out of your wireless internet connection and protect your valuable data. Contact us now to find out how!

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