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IT Support on Long Island: Why Hospital Data Policies Should Address Storage and Mobile - Total Technology Solutions

December 24

IT Support on Long Island: Why Hospital Data Policies Should Address Storage and Mobile

Everyone who works in the healthcare industry knows it isn’t easy to comply with the nuanced rules of HIPAA. An analysis of the healthcare company’s storage tech is essential to ensure mobile data is handled in a secure manner. Data security and its impact on patients might seem like odd subjects in a discussion centered on storage, yet the truth of the matter is these topics are tightly integrated with data protection strategies. Below, our IT support team on Long Island explains why all hospital data protection policies should account for storage and mobile:

Protecting Data and Guarding Against Data Loss

IT professionals are tasked with ensuring healthcare data security. These tech gurus are also charged with preventing data loss in the first place. Hospitals that handle mobile data should aim for two overarching storage technologies: software that copies mobile information to the back-end and information de-duplication to decrease the amount of storage required.

In the context of data protection policies, back-end systems require the proper capacity level to store data in a centralized manner. Such storage devices should also provide an acceptable input/output level of operations per second so that data can be accessed in a timely manner. If you need any assistance with these challenges, do not hesitate to ask our IT support team on Long Island for assistance.

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Safeguarding Data Stored on Mobile Devices

Protecting data made or stored on mobile devices is easier said than done. Plenty of healthcare organizations use enterprise software for file syncing and sharing to ensure protection. This software copies data from mobile devices in an automatic manner. The space required for back-end systems is significant considering the number of such devices used in the healthcare industry. This is precisely why it is prudent to implement storage de-duplication to decrease the information’s use of limited space. Our Long Island IT services team can help you implement de-duplication.

Fail to secure your team’s mobile devices, and you run the risk of failing to comply with HIPAA’s detailed security rules. Today’s mobile devices have quite the expansive capacity for storage. If such a device is lost or stolen, there is a chance a considerable amount of data will end up in the wrong hands. Your data protection policy should ultimately function to stop data from being placed on smartphones, laptops, etc.

The best approach is to use a back-end server instead of relying on internal storage. Unfortunately, it is impractical to request a healthcare professional such as a doctor who works in different facilities to follow detailed data protection protocols. Therefore, the continuous backups of mobile devices containing data are of the utmost importance for healthcare organizations.

If you need some assistance with your cyber security, the cloud, hardware, or IT as a whole, our IT support team on Long Island is at your service. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions for more information.

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