August 4

IT Support in Long Island Helps Provide Security Through Cloud Options

IT support firms in Long Island offer cloud options for small businesses that can cumulatively benefit operations. Different applications of cloud technology will be more or less appropriate for different businesses. If you’re going to get the mix right, you’ll want some professional assistance.

Efficient, Private, Secure, Cost-Effective Operations

IT consultants in Long Island can help you get the best solutions. You’ll need to know the information that’s hard to determine internally, but which is easily revealed through an exterior perspective commonly working with similar clients. Key advantages you can expect include the following:

  • Maintaining privacy
  • Enhancing security
  • Efficiency increase
  • Cost reduction

A Close Look at Cloud Benefits

IT support firms in Long Island should be able to give you ideal privacy through cloud computing options. In fact, there are some schools of thought which say cloud computing actually gives SMBs the potential to operate with even greater privacy than they could otherwise. According to CSO, a decentralized option may be the most secure modern computing solution.

That remains to be seen, but what’s observable presently is the enhanced security cloud solutions offer. Monitoring and support are cutting edge through cloud providers. They have to be because right now the industry is yet competitive. Also, keeping clientele data secure is core to their business model, and to do that means continuously applying new patches against malware, or installing new firewalls.

IT consultants in Long Island help you determine the most secure options, and from there provide an increase in efficiency through consolidated hardware and software options. DaaS (Device as a Service) can be ideal for some businesses, yours may benefit from a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model. Whatever the case, expect operational costs to be less through the cloud than on-site server arrays.


IT support in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you be more efficient, more secure, more private, and more productive. All these things can be done at a reduced cost, which increases operational profitability. Contact us to explore how the cloud might help you.

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