May 10

How IT Support in Long Island Helps Protect Data

Small businesses can benefit from IT support in Long Island when it comes to security and data protection. You never know when you may confront tough technical challenges such as recovering lost data which can be expensive. Here are important points for small businesses to remember about backing up data, which can be managed by an outsourced IT team:

Planning a Backup

It’s important not to rush through the backup process, which can lead to errors and bigger problems than when you started. Know where the files are stored and how they will be backed up and tested. You should also identify applications and systems that house data.
Proper and thorough backup planning will reduce the chances of errors. It will help you clear out unnecessary files that are just occupying space. Cleaning out recycle bin and deleting irrelevant emails help keep your system organized so that it’s easier to find important items. The process should also include printing out information on online account usernames and passwords. Other preliminary steps include defragging your hard drive and running a virus scanner to eliminate any bugs in your system.

Performing a Backup

While planning the backup can be done by anyone who knows your files and applications, many businesses are better off letting IT support experts in Long Island conduct actual backups. It’s a tedious process that can lead to errors by overlooking details, so it’s advantageous to work with experienced technicians in backing up data. One of the decisions that you can make is the type of storage medium you’ll use, such as disks, drives or the cloud.
An effective strategy for data recovery for Long Island small businesses is storing confidential data in a private cloud, while less critical data is backed up in a public cloud. Data should be backed up in at least three places, one of which is off-site. Network storage, although more expensive, is another useful solution for complete external large-capacity storage.

After Completing a Backup

Once copies have been made, your IT team will need to test the files and applications to make sure they are functioning properly. One way to check is to run a data restore to return backed up files to original locations. The team should ensure that virus protection software and firewalls are up-to-date. In the case of recovering lost data, only work with highly trained professionals who know the appropriate software.
If you are looking for tech experts, an IT support provider in Long Island can handle backup details for you so that you can concentrate on your core business. Contact us now at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about how we can provide quality data protection and other IT services.

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