April 3

How IT Support Providers on Long Island Help Thwart Spam Emails

Despite the advances network security protections, phishing is still a grave threat to business technology infrastructure and IT support providers on Long Island have linked it to spam email. This results from human errors, especially when employees partake in risky online behavior that renders them vulnerable to email scams.

In reference to the Spam Laws website, spam emails sent per year are approximately 14.5 billion in total. It is, therefore, critical to train your staff on how to identify and avoid spam to protect your networks.

However, for your security awareness training program to be successful, you need the resources of a managed IT expert on Long Island like Total Technology Solutions. This will give you access to top-notch IT experts with the latest tools and information on spam recognition methods.

Deciphering the dynamics of spam email:

  • Enforce online situational awareness
  • Lookout for spoofed email addresses
  • Ignore unsolicited emails

Situational Awareness Training

Spammers find a way into your network by misleading employees to download malicious attachments. The attachments are delivered in well-crafted emails that a user would mistake for a professional email from a client or a vendor. In turn, the employee ends up downloading a malware code in response to the email.

To avoid such an unfortunate outcome, let our expert IT support specialists on Long Island help you run an in-depth situational awareness training program to arm your workforce with proven and unfailing spam identification techniques.

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Spotting Spoofed Email Addresses

At Total Technology Solutions, we deal with cases of spoofed emailed addresses, which are used to mislead users to execute an action that reveals either sensitive information or allows access into restricted network nodes. By training your employees on the danger of spoofed email addresses and how to look out for them, you’ll have dealt a big blow to spamming schemes. We’ll educate your staff on how to inspect emails for malicious content.

Handling Unsolicited Emails

The natural response to an email is to open and read the content, and though your employees may not respond to the email or download the attachments, spammers track this activity. Next, if your employees just ignore spam email, the scammers will persist until they succeed.

To keep them off, we’ll train employees to send spam emails to the spam or junk folder so that your email service will automatically block such emails.


At Total Technology Solutions, we’re the leading IT support provider on Long Island. We have the expertise and experience to deliver a befitting SAT solution for your organization. Contact us to learn how we can help you overcome the threat of spam emails.

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