December 27

IT Support in Long Island: Getting an IT Assessment Is Key in Operational Success

What Is an IT Assessment?

An IT support provider in Long Island has to assess a given customer before fully serving them. Without effective assessment, SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are signed which an MSP can’t properly fulfill, and they lose money. So, they have a vested interest in assessment beyond simply helping potential customers adopt the best possible technology, giving them added prerogative to provide accurate information.

Notable Reasons You Should Consider an IT Assessment

IT consulting professionals in Long Island advise businesses to get an assessment as regards the adoption of new technology. A few reasons this is necessary include the following:

Determining Process Shifts and Your Ability to Navigate Them

IT support experts in Long Island strongly recommend IT assessment to find out if your business can feasibly handle a shift in technologies. Some tech requires a more total change than others. When you’re assessed beforehand, you can determine what the best move for your business is.

Technological Considerations In Reference to Your Company

Sometimes the technology available isn’t a good fit for your business even if it’s cutting edge. If you’re running a fleet of food trucks, you’ll have little use for a conglomeration of laptops, no matter how efficient they are. You’ll likely have room for POS (Point Of Sale) tech including remote credit card readers, though.

How People Are Most Likely to Adopt New Tech

You also need to assess the ability of your personnel to make a shift toward new technology. Not all operational infrastructure upgrades can be handled by your staff; sometimes things are a bit too complex, and the cost of training or getting up-to-date on new tech is greater than the value such equipment brings.

IT support in Long Island can be instrumental in helping you determine how processes may shift with new tech, specific considerations in operational infrastructure augmentation, and personnel willingness–or ability–to make the shift. To learn more about technology transition assessment and why this is something you want to plan for, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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