April 26

IT Support on Long Island: Getting Ahead of the Historic SolarWinds Hack

IT support professionals on Long Island advise that businesses should learn from the SolarWinds hack.

What Is The “SolarWinds” Hack?

SolarWinds is taking the cake in many respects. In a nutshell, a company based in America called SolarWinds deigns to provide solutions in monitoring and performance issues for its clients. A lot of products from SolarWinds are presently used in big-ticket, government-adjacent U.S. businesses. There’s a software option through SolarWinds called the “Orion Platform”. This allows businesses to diagnose, identify, and solve common issues defining networking operations across varying IT departments.

Of the 500 companies on the “Fortune 500” list, SolarWinds apparently provides service for 85% of them. Including the Fortune 500 list, it is expected that approximately 18k customers using SolarWinds solutions are ultimately vulnerable to the hack from Russia.

Essentially, a hack used tools of the cyber variety that are unknown. Routine software updates had varying code of a malicious kind designed to find supply-chain weaknesses. Specifically, weaknesses of institutions within the U.S. government were targeted. After a certain upgrade, the malware went through over 18k systems without being countered. As of 2021, how bad this attack ultimately is has yet to be established.

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What You Can Do

Seek the assistance of IT support professionals on Long Island who know what malware looks like and how to protect against it. From there, you want to establish proper security protocols around most efficiently protecting your domain. This will include:

  • Continuous backup and support
  • Only upgrading software that’s approved
  • Monitoring of networks to determine data breach potential
  • Carefully regulating remote infrastructure and mobile devices

Reaching out to Long Island IT services experts is advisable to help you determine where you’re uniquely vulnerable as a business and how best to counteract that vulnerability. At this time, those businesses most vulnerable tend to have proximity to government operations. This is known to be a Russian attack, and the full goal of it, as of April 2021, is yet to be known; so definitely work with professionals to protect operations and determine if you’ve been compromised by that malicious update.

Keeping Your Business Safe

Our IT support team on Long Island can help you determine if you’ve been impacted by the Russian hack through SolarWinds software updates and simultaneously maintain safety against other future threats. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more.

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