February 15

IT Support in Long Island: File Sharing Solutions via Cloud Computing

IT support provider in Long Island often help businesses reduce complication in terms of file sharing through the introduction of cloud computing solutions.

With cloud computing, all you need is a dependable internet connection and the ability to use that connection. From a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, all that is on a given network can then be accessed. Now, there are private, hybrid, and public cloud options that can be brought into play in this way.

Private Cloud Computing

Private cloud solutions may utilize an on-site server array and, perhaps, be more correctly characterized as an “intranet.” They would function very similarly to the internet and there may be an interface program that functions similarly to a browser.

Public Cloud Utility

A public solution, in contrast, would involve a cloud server array on which space is apportioned for a given business. Cloud server arrays are already massive and expanding. Right now, the largest server arrays are already well over a million servers— and they’re just getting bigger. IT support in Long Island can help your business determine whether the use of such solutions fits your model in a way that agrees with necessary security pertaining to operations or not.

That said, imagine you’re working with a business who is also on the same cloud. Transfer of data is essentially just an issue of permissions. The right MSP can help you interface with peers, partners, and clients on the cloud in a way that is less complicated and more secure than perhaps it’s ever been.

Hybrid Cloud Combination

A hybrid cloud solution would combine both the public solution and the private one. Basically, that which is especially sensitive or proprietary remains on the private cloud, while infrastructure and other things of a non-sensitive nature are hosted through public clouds.

Additional Cloud Advantages

Cloud computing reduces the need for on-site hardware, which additionally reduces cost. Between cost-reduction from reduced hardware expense, expedited file sharing, increased security, and access to greater computing power, there are a lot of things which recommend cloud computing for businesses both large and small.

As another example of a cloud advantage, consider Big Data, which uses the many servers in modern cloud arrays to process and manage exceptionally large data-sets in a way that is essentially instantaneous.

IT support in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you create better file sharing solutions through cloud computing solutions. We can additionally help you determine which cloud solutions are best for your business. Contact us for more information.

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