October 15

IT Support on Long Island: The Fastest Route to the Cloud

Cloud computing has been reshaping business operations since 2000. A new Gartner report predicts that 80% of businesses will be running their entire operations on the cloud by 2025. You can rely on the best IT support services on Long Island for cloud migration, for the sake of agility and cost-cutting.

Without the right migration strategy, the cloud’s benefits may remain out of reach. It would be best if you had a seamless migration with minimum interruptions to your process. Our best in class IT services can help move your Long Island business to the cloud with zero hiccups.

Tips for a smoother cloud migration

  • Get a savvy IT support team on Long Island to spearhead the process
  • Start small then go further into the cloud
  • Strategize for cloud security, performance, and storage
  • Get stand-alone monitoring tools to manage your cloud applications effectively
  • Spread out your expenses by prioritizing which elements to move to the cloud-first

‘Lift and Shift’ Strategy

Re-coding old apps for the cloud is a costly and painstaking process. The average cost for this modernization strategy could be so high. You can save your business the hassle and the resources with a lift and shift migration strategy.

The approach involves re-hosting with no code alterations. It also allows your team time to catch up through a re-skilling program. You will, however, need the help of IT experts for efficient data migration and reconciliation.


In this strategy, a quick change is made to your applications to improve their user-friendliness and reduce support costs in a modern platform. It might involve changing the way the app interacts with databases for easy automation. The core architecture of your business applications remains the same.

Replatforming enables your business to save costs during the cloud migration while maximizing the capability of the apps in the new infrastructure. You won’t need to reconfigure your cloud servers to match the apps’ previous environment.

SaaS solutions

Sometimes, the above two strategies might not be useful for your business. Lift and Shift come with performance limitations and possible security vulnerabilities. On the other hand, replatforming can be costly and time-consuming. For minimum disruptions and high performance, SaaS solutions would suffice.


In this cloud migration strategy, you get the entire architecture of apps reconfigured to suit the cloud environment. It is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, but it makes the most sense for businesses that need private cloud solutions for security purposes.

The 2025 countdown is on, is your business ready?

At Total Technology Solutions, we provide industry-leading IT support and cloud services to businesses on Long Island. Let us carve out a steady path for your business to the cloud with a tailored strategy that guarantees speed, security, flexible storage, and optimal performance. Contact us now for more details.

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