May 25

IT Support on Long Island: Facebook Data Breach, and What Affected Parties Can Do

A Serious Issue

IT support experts on Long Island strongly advocate security measures in terms of social media management that takes careful account of associated profiles. Recently, there was a Facebook data breach which exposed the passwords, phone numbers, and other personal details of millions–individuals and businesses alike. Were you compromised?

Determining If You’ve Been Exposed, and What to Do

IT services professionals on Long Island advocate a number of straightforward practices to help you avoid compromising yourself on Facebook, but even so, cybercriminals get around substantial security. So consider the following tips if you were exposed:

If Exposed or There’s a Reasonable Expectation, Change Passwords

IT support experts on Long Island strongly advocate changing passwords every couple of weeks or days for security. Get in a regular practice of doing so and hackers may not even be able to use the login data they’ve stolen by the time you’ve changed passwords. Outsourcing password management can make a lot of sense.

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Delete the App from Mobile Devices

Mobile devices tend to interact with untrusted Wifi more regularly than on-site devices which are stationary. As a result, they’re less secure. Accordingly, for businesses, deleting the app from social media can be wise. Similarly, individuals can secure their online identity this way–though it’s more inconvenient.

Check the Activity Log for Anything Suspicious

When hackers start messing around on an account, usually this happens in a way that populates anomalous activity on activity logs. If you see anything like that, change your password quickly.

Watch for Suspicious Text Messages

Do not answer texts from unknown numbers unless you know how to do so securely. Compromised data on FB can result in texts from scammers seeking to get more info. Watch out for that.

Take Preventative Actions

Our IT support team on Long Island can help you safeguard social media accounts like Facebook. Such social interaction is increasingly necessary for businesses–social media is an iterative leap like the telephone in terms of technological interconnectivity. Accordingly, social media avenues benefit from associated best practices. If you’re exposed as an individual or business, and expect you’ve been compromised, change your password, consider deleting apps from non-secure devices such as smartphones, check activity logs for suspicious activity, and watch out for suspicious texts. Contact us to learn more, and transition those security measures which work to different social media accounts and platforms.

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