December 17

IT Support on Long Island: Everything You Need to Know About the Deep and Dark Web

In today’s suspenseful economy, it’s advisable to consult an IT support provider on Long Island before you go browsing around. The internet is a vast place. Without cybersecurity services, you could easily slip to the dark hidden parts of the net. You have probably heard of them already: the deep web and the dark web. If you were feeling confused about these two rampant terms, here’s a short guide to clear the air.

Deep vs. Dark Web

Most of the time, you’ll hear people use these terms synonymously. However, the truth is that these two terms don’t mean the same thing, even though they appear identical. To understand the terms, let’s compare the web to an ocean.

On the top layer, there’s the surface web or visible web. It consists of indexed websites like Google and Yahoo. The deep web is a little deeper. All the data that doesn’t make to the surface web is usually here. It comprises of business intranets, password-protected websites, web archives, and databases, usually the non-indexed pages.

Descending further down, you’ll find the dark web. This consists of non-indexed, as well as those pages involved in illegal niches. The dark web is significantly popular for its anonymous marketplace that sells illegal products like:

  • Drugs
  • Pornographic content
  • Wikileaks documents
  • Weapons

Note that the deep web isn’t entirely bad. Sometimes, the reason it has non-indexed pages is that the search engines deem them irrelevant or fail to see them. On the other hand, the dark web is mostly for conducting shady business. It’s advisable to have managed IT on Long Island before you access any of its pages.

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Should You Access the Deep and Dark Web?

Browsing a non-indexed page isn’t illegal. Neither is using high-private software like Tor associated with the deep and dark web. What is illegal is looking into the illegal services sold on the networks or hacking into pages without permission. Still, you shouldn’t access the dark web without IT support experts on Long Island to avoid exposing your data to hackers.

The Dangers of Accessing the Dark Web

Data is one of the most transacted goods on the dark web. There are thousands of leaked personal information as well as credentials for sale to hackers. Through this data, hackers can conduct their shady businesses such as identity theft or credential stuffing attacks. To avoid such threats:

  • Stay far from the dark web
  • Safeguard your data well
  • Have reliable anti-malware protection

Secure Your Data with Total Technology Solutions

Cybersecurity can reduce your chances of vulnerability. More so, it can ensure that your information remains private and confidential. Help from IT support providers on Long Island can assist you to uphold optimum cybersecurity. At Total Technology Solutions, we offer internet threat protection as well as provide managed security services. Contact us for more info.

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