September 5

IT Support in Long Island: Is DRaaS a Good Solution for Your Business?

Can your business stay strong in the face of a major disaster? This is a question that experts in IT support in Long Island want their clients to answer.
In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive world, business continuity has become a top priority for most businesses. They need to be able to do business and keep things running even when technology is not cooperating.
Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaas) offers you a way to keep your business running, even when the worst happens. But what exactly is DRaaS?

Definition of DRaaS

Comprehensive disaster recovery planning involves being able to work even if the servers, network, laptops, and PCs you usually use are inoperable or no longer exist.
DRaaS provides the storage and duplication of a company’s data as well as a copy of its operating systems and key applications. So, if employees cannot do their jobs in the office, they can log in into the disaster recovery environment and proceed with their work.

The Importance of Planning and Caution in Using DRaaS

Many cloud storage providers are expanding into the area of DRaaS. However, according to experts in IT support in Long Island, some of them don’t have adequate resources to handle their clients’ needs in case of a major disaster.
For example, what happens if the Southeastern US gets hit with a major hurricane which leaves a wide swath of physical damage in its path? Tons of businesses may find that they cannot work out of their physical office. They want to use their disaster recovery environment in the meantime. The problem is, the provider doesn’t have the resources to handle so many clients who need to go into disaster recovery mode. Some get service; others get little or none.
This scenario demonstrates why planning and caution are required with using DRaaS:

  • You need to know which of your systems need to function during data recovery in Long Island. You need to know how many users you will have working and how much computing power you will need.
  • You need to select your DRaaS provider carefully. Can they provide resources to handle your disaster recovery needs where hundreds or thousands of clients need the same kind of help?

DRaaS is actually a good option for small to medium-sized businesses who need a cost-effective solution for disaster recovery. It just requires thought and planning on the front end as well as a well-provisioned provider. To learn more about DRaaS, contact us at Total Technology Solutions today. We are the experts in IT support that Long Island businesses can trust today and tomorrow.

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