April 5

IT Support in Long Island: Determining If Remote Desktop Solutions Fit Your Business

IT support providers in Long Island provide a lot of services, and one that is becoming increasingly popular is the remote desktop solution. Sometimes this is called DaaS (Desktop as a Service). Generally, it’s facilitated through the cloud and it offers businesses the ability to work remotely with a decreased level of complication. Following are several considerable advantages to a remote desktop solution:

  • Decreased operational cost
  • Increased operational flexibility
  • Increased employee productivity

Decreased Operational Cost

An IT support provider in Long Island that provides remote desktop solutions can reduce operational expenses for your business. With remote desktop, you can essentially outsource the need for your internal servers. Such a move would save tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, depending on the size of your business annually. Additionally, employees can clock-in and work remotely as necessary, reducing the cost of transit. Provided they’ve got a secure internet connection and access protocols, they need never come into the office again. This reduces travel costs and necessary time involved in the “daily grind”. They win, and you win!

Increased Operational Flexibility

When you’ve got a remote desktop that anyone can access, provided they have proper credentials, you’re able to augment operations to fit employee and client proclivities with greater ease. For example, an employee who can work remotely skips the traffic and can be notified immediately when work needs to be done. Studious employees will work through their backlog until they’ve got an “open slate” ahead of them. They’ll take care of assignments immediately and be available to accept additional work as it becomes necessary.

Increased Employee Productivity

Think about this critically: are you likely to be more productive when every single action you take is directly managed or monitored, when you’ve got to contend with traffic, as well as unlikable coworkers, and when you work more for less money? Or are you going to be more productive when you can get jobs done at your own pace, avoid traffic, avoid being micro-managed, and avoid coworkers you don’t get along with? Well, for most, increased freedom tends toward increased productivity. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is better-facilitated through a remote desktop solution. Basically, remote desktop solutions represent a win-win for everyone, the only downside is the transition period.

Augmenting Operations

At Total Technology Solutions, as an IT support provider in Long Island, we can help you explore remote desktop options. We can go over advantages and possible disadvantages, helping you weigh them regarding your business to determine if, like so many others, this solution is right for you. Contact us for remote desktop solutions.

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