June 24

IT Support in Long Island: Designing Proactive Security Policies

IT support professionals in Long Island advise strong policies be put into place pertaining to security of software as well as hardware. IT has a cumulative quality which requires unique protections that are specifically configured for your exact needs, and consultation is key in determining the best policies for your specific operation.

The Right Policies

IT consulting company in Long Island can help you determine where specific policies exist that can help safeguard your operations. Some are overkill, some aren’t up to the challenge, and you need collateral protections. Different answers are appropriate for different businesses. That said, generally, the following policies are going to be appropriate to your operation:

Privacy and Acceptable Use

IT support experts in Long Island advise that you should put privacy at the top of your list of things to protect. Security monitoring and support is necessary, as is backup. Part of security involves training employees to use tech right; that’s where acceptable use policy comes in. It helps keep them out of trouble by dint of restriction from the outset.

Data Governance and Recovery

Data transition between systems is “governance”. Consultation helps you determine which specific policies will do your business the most good here. Similarly, you’ll want recovery options which match operational needs; multiple backups in multiple locations generally fit the bill here–just be sure to test them, and initiate protocols involved in recovery that are additionally tested.

BYOD Considerations and Social Media

Your bring-your-own-device (BYOD) infrastructure should be tautly managed as securely as possible. Similarly, you need social media policy–sometimes you should prohibit social media, sometimes it’s necessary for marketing; different businesses will have different policy needs here.

Comprehensive Protections

Total Technology Solutions can help you establish proper tech management policy. In terms of privacy, acceptable use, data governance, data recovery, BYOD, and social media, you need to have protocols in place. Consultation through the right tech company can help you find which policies best represent your company. If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to reach out to our IT support team in Long Island.

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